We, Your Team

Monumental Market is a PoC/Woman owned business in Jamaica Plain, MA. Creating a vibrant community space with coffee, baked goods and music.


Our Story

Javier Amador-Pena and Kelsey Munger got their beginnings selling their products at local farmers’ markets. They each owned their own separate business, El Colombiano Coffee and Lavender Bee Baking Co (a nut free and peanut free bakery)but found that their products, and their passion for their work, complimented each other perfectly. When it was time to grow and expand, they came together and hatched the idea for Monumental Market.

Honoring our farmers’ market roots, we wanted to create a vibrant community space that celebrated and supported local vendors, artists and more. You will not only find excellent coffee brewed using El Colombiano roasts or delicious pastries baked by the Lavender Bee team, but you will also see local Kombucha on tap, murals painted on our walls by local artists and pop-ups by some of our favorite local vendors.

We are so excited to open our doors and invite you into our dream space. We hope you feel at home and we look forward to creating deep connections in our Jamaica Plain community.